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About Creating The Habit Nutrition Club

Founded in October 2018, Creating the Habit opened their doors to bring clean healthy eating to Davis County in a fun way that tastes just as good as it looks, all while making sure their customers feel their best and always leave with a smile!

“So What’s it all about??” 


We serve:

• Meal Replacement Protein Smoothies

• Healthy Energy Beverages

• Fiber, Protein, Probiotics, Collagen 

• Protein Snacks

• Children’s Smoothies & Hydration Drinks

• Sports Nutrition

• Protein Coffee ​​

• Gluten Free, Vegan, Keto, Dairy Free options available

All the deliciousness with out all the Bad! It tastes so good you'll feel like your cheating on your nutrition plan!


Make sure to check it all out next time you are in!


Nutrition Facts

Shake Nutrition Facts


Basic Shakes: 200 -210 Calories; 24g Protein; 20g Carbs; 4g Fiber; 4g Fat; 9g Sugar


Extra / Deluxe Shakes: 300 Calories; 36g Protein; 13g Sugar; 28g Carbs; 7g Fat; 6g Fiber


Iced coffee Single: 100 Cal, 15g Protein, 2g Sugar, 4 carbs 85mg caffeine


**Keto, gluten free, vegan, dairy free options available**


Tea Nutrition Facts


Herbal Tea & Aloe - 5 Calories; 1 Carb; 0 Sugar; 85mg Caffeine


Mega Teas- 20 Calories; 5 Carbs; 0 Sugar; 160mg Caffeine; Vitamin C, B Vitamins, L-Taurine, Guarana & Ginseng


Lit Teas - 40-50 Calories; 4-10 Carbs; 0-6g Suagr; 160- 210mg Caffiene; Vitamin C, B Vitamins, L- Taurine, Guarana, Ginsing & variety of Boosters

From the Press


Amanda W.

They have the most amazing shakes! They are so addicting! Good thing they are healthy!

And the people that work there become your friends and family! Love going there to have delicious meals and good company!


Joceyln K.

Creating the Habit is the most perfect name for this place!!!!!!!! It’s super delicious and the shakes are super filling. Perfect for the midday pick me up.


Jen S.

This place is AMAZING! The women who work/own the place are the sweetest! They are helpful when you ask what they recommend! I am excited to go back soon!

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